Alukrom Inc. is a manufacturer of aluminum and facade systems since 1990 having all the technique, managerial, technologic and logistic infrastructure that can meet the expectations of its customers with approximately fifty employees, equipment and transport assets required for professionalism and expertise in the facilities based in İzmir. 

Approaching the twentififth year in the market, the architects, the construction technicians, 3D visualization technician and technique support team stationed in the company can prepare precise, consistent, and seamless projects whatever the dimensions are and they are presented to the customers for approval. 



Since 2000 Alukrom Inc.  has been a SAPA BUILDING SYSTEMS Aegean Region Authorized Dealer. As an authorized production member it produces aluminium curtain wall, aluminium carpentry (doors & windows) and all façade productions using SAPA products, with its trained and specialized staff and high-tech machinery.



We as Alukrom prefer SAPA Aluminium Systems products in our building projects in Turkey or abroad.


Alukrom Inc. staff installs glass curtain wall, aluminium façade, wood or stone façades, sliding door and windows, all kind of aluminium door and windows, wintergarden systems, office systems, balcony and stair parapet systems, automatic doors, etc.


We produce building solutions mostly in Turkey, however 20% of our production and installation takes place abroad. High buildings, hotels and industrial buildings are mostly our business.



Alukrom Family, we adopt the following vision;

As a company open to change and innovation, in all the construction solutions we produce, we want to be a company serving for development, productive and participatory that focuses on the improvement of quality of life. 


To provide the use of higher quality and more innovative materials and modern technologies in the buildings, to be a leader about this matter, to apply effectively first class quality standard and “Total Quality” in every work to be done, to maintain the innovative and professional service apprehension with coherent determination so that we can provide better service.




10006/1 Sk. No:2 AOSB
35620 Çiğli / İzmir TURKEY
Tel    : +90(232) 461 21 17 - 461 21 67
Fax   : +90(232) 486 22 25
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