Project and the visualization of this project has a crucial importance in today’s construction market. 

Technical drawing and project services for the visual presentation of the project and calculation of the details in particular are presented to the customers by Alukrom.

In order to do 3D design for curtain wall, aluminum carpentry, winter garden, guardrail and for your special projects, CAD drawings in the computer and length/pricing calculation with special software, a design office serves in the company. 


We offer 3D visuals in Alukrom Design Office




In the Alukrom Design Office, architectural design service is provided according to the needs of our customers. 

These services can shortly be explained as follows:

Preparation and Pre-study Work
» 3D Project design
» Pre-project Works
» Decided Project Works
» Application Project Works
» Application Projects
» System and Assembling Details
» Manufacturing Details
» Technical Specifications
» Length, Estimate, Cost Analysis



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